Learning Units

Social Skills Lessons

Unit 1: About Me- This unit aims to increase self-awareness and to improve self-esteem. 
1. My qualities and strengths
2. The way I look
3. Things I like
4. Things I do not like
5. The way I feel

Unit 2: Organizing My Binder, Locker, and Life At School- This unit aims to teach students an organizational system that will work for them at school. 
1. Agenda- What Is An Agenda and Why Should I Care?
2. Organizing My Binder
3. Organizing My Locker
4. Setting My Daily Routine
5. How To React To Disruptions Of My Routine

Unit 3: Non-Verbal Communication- The unit aims to increase skills in body language recognition and expression. 
1. Body Language
2. Facial Expressions
3. Eye Contact
4. Posture
5. Gestures
6. Distance/ Personal Space
7. Touch
8. Waiting
9. Listening Process

Unit 4: Verbal Communication- This unit aims to improve paralinguistic skills and conversational skills. 
1. Talk about talking
2. Listening
3. Our Voices
4. Conversation Starters
5. Taking Turns
6. Questions
7. Ending a Conversation

Unit 5: Communicating Beyond Yourself- This unit aims to increase awareness of how each student is perceived when using communication skills. 
1. Using Social Thinking to Figure Out What People Are Communicating
2. Thinking With Your Eyes
3. Flexible Thinking 
4. Keeping My Body, Eyes, Ears, and Brain in the Group
5. Thinking About Hidden Rules and Expected Behavior
6. Making Smart Guesses

Unit 6: Friendship- This unit aims to improve friendship skills and boost working together. 
1. Introducing Friends
2. Trust and Responsibility
3. Valuing Others
4. Being Nice
5. Thinking of Others vs Just Me
6. Empathy
7. Doing An Activity or Just Hanging Out?
8. Working in Groups
9. We All Have Feelings
10. Friendship and Allies

Unit 7: Dealing with Conflict- This unit aims to have students consider several sides of a situation and learn how to deal with arguments in a respectful manner. 
1. Considering Perspectives
2. Disagreeing Respectfully 
3. When Friendships Go Wrong
4. Arguments
5. Peer Pressure 
6. Bullying
7. Bystanders

Unit 8: Assertiveness- This unit aims to improve assertiveness skills.
1. Understanding Assertiveness
2. Expressing Feelings in a Respecful Way
3. Making Suggestions
4. Refusing
5. Apologizing 

Unit 9: Emotion Management- This unit aims to increase emotional awareness and learn techniques to restore emotional control. 
1. Emotions- Brain and Body
2. How Big Is My Problem?
3. Thinking About My Reaction Size
4. Calming Down Strategies and Routines
5. Using Action Steps
6. Making a Plan

Unit 10: Impulse Control- This unit aims to increase self-awareness of impulsive actions and decisions and learn how to think about them differently so that control can be exhibited. 
1. What Is impulsiveness And How To Deal With It
2. Positive Behavior Interventions
3. Reminder Cards
4. Cognitive Scripts
5. Metacognitive Problem Solving

Unit 11: Goal Setting- This unit aims to teach students how to set goals and monitor their own progress towards those goals. 
1. Identifying Hopes and Plans
2. Making a Commitment
3. SMART Goals
4. Tracking Goals
5. Rewarding Yourself

Unit 12: Planning and Organization- This unit aims to teach students how to plan and organize in various aspects of their lives. 
1. What Is Planning/ Organization?
2. Video Modeling
3. Contingency Mapping
4. Project Mapping
5. Work Systems/ Task Analysis

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