(see GC for changes or specifics)
Concertino, Sinfonia 2, Chamber, and Bravo

Mondays: Tune. Roll.  [Tuning Chords and Chorales in focused key.] Technique and Tone Development Exercises (Essential Elements/Technique, or Habits of a Successful Strings Musician). Preliminary Vibrato exercises or preparation. Concert Music. 

Tuesdays. Tune. Roll. Technique and Tone Development Continued (Essential Elements/Technique, or Habits of a Successful Strings Musician).  Vibrato continued. Scale, Arpeggios, (Thirds, and Dominant Fifths for Advanced) in focused key. Concert Music. 

Wednesdays. Roll.  Sectionals.  

Thursdays. Tune. Roll. Scale, Arpeggios, (Thirds, and Dominant Fifths for Advanced) in focused key. Concert Music. Sight-reading in past focused keys and newly introduced rhythms.

(Tests are always due Friday morning before 8:30 a.m.)  Listening focus (First nine weeks: Baroque, Second: Classical, Third: Romantic, Fourth: Modern). Tune. Roll. Fun Concert Music Friday! Other activities TBD. 

All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom on a weekly basis.  Students are expected to check their Google Classroom on a regular basis.  All tests and assignments are posted on Google Classroom, but not all can or will be uploaded to Google Classroom. Most playing tests will be due on Friday mornings before the start of the school day.

Playing Tests

Playing Tests usually come in one of the formats below.  Any of these formats could either be a Daily--Quiz/Classwork/Homework Grade (which means no late work will be accepted) or a Major Test Grade (late work will be accepted with point penalties for each school day turned in late).  Daily grades are 20% and Major Test grades are 30%. Students will be notified on GC whether or not the assignment is a Major Grade or a Quiz, etc. grade. 

Live test. Usually low stake, quickly measurable skill, sometimes Pass/Fail or completion curve.  This is usually done in front of the group to build confidence in performance. 

SmartMusic test.  Usually low stake, easy to difficult in skill level, measures mostly rhythm and pitch accuracy.  These tests are sometimes used for "pass-offs" for certain skills or music events.

Video attachment (upload through Google Classroom assignment link).  Usually more high stake, easy to difficult in skill level, measures holistically (many different criteria at once.)  Student must be sure that the video shows adequate left-hand and right-hand technique.  Data from these tests are often used to place students in appropriate seating arrangements or could be used for "Play-offs" or "Pass-offs."


Quiz/Daily/Classwork 20% (no late work accepted)
Major Grade 30%
(late work accepted with daily penalty)
Performance Attendance 30%
(see calendar for mandatory events) 
Rehearsal Technique 20% (see Orchestra Handbook) 

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